Life Long Learner- Agarwood Essential Oil

Life Long Learner- Agarwood Essential Oil

We've been pondering for quite some time about what and how often Hannah's Botanical Garden's blog page should be updated.  After a phone call from one of our clients, it came to us. We've been continuously learning about essential oils and how they can be used in day to day life. So as we at the Garden learn more, it is only befitting that we share this information with our customers so that they may be life long learners as well.

Today, we will discuss Agarwood essential oil. (This is not a product that we currently carry in our store.) Agarwood oil comes from Agar tree that is found in Southeast Asia. The oil is produced from the resin that has been infected by mold of the tree. This resin is very fragrant and is used in the creation of incense, perfume, and small carvings.

Because of the natural process that must occur before Agarwood oil can be produced, one ounce of the wild crafted oil can retail for over $1500. Agarwood oud oil has been known for the following properties:

*Antipruritic-relieves itching

*Analgesic-pain reliever

* muscle relaxation- decreases the tension in muscles

These are but a few of the properties of use in both Tibetan and traditional Chinese medicine.

Happy Learning,

Hannah's Botanical Garden 

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