The Beginning

The Beginning

While growing up, I spent many summers at my grandmother's home. She was one of great strength and wisdom. During those times, she would often use natural remedies, salves, and tinctures to heal what may ail those around her. Was she practicing She was just using knowledge that had been passed down through the generations.

However, as we continued to grow and progress throughout our various professions we began to loose the basic information that was shared for quite some time. Which leads to the saying, "everything that a person needs to heal themselves can be found in nature"(anonymous). This statement is quite true. If one would ponder just for a second, one would realize that every medication that is now used to treat ailments derives from either a plant or animal. This one thought, this one statement, led me to start researching the various properties of the plants that surround me. I also began to ask some of the older members of the family about the uses of plants and oils. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge had been lost. I now seek to assist those that wish to take a more natural path towards health and wellness.

***Please note that the information provided in this blog does not replace the advice of a medical professional.***


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